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im sending mine out tomorrow, im finishing up the cards yet, i already got one and it was adorable.
i had a question, how do you want the pictures, *one picture per card or one picture of all 10 cards?


Brenda, either way is fine. I wasn't expecting so many people to do multiple cards! Can't wait to see yours. Thanks.


What do you mean you didn't put your name on every list?! I would have if I were you -- you deserve it for organizing the whole thing!


seriously, i'll send you my postcards for sure. i may not have time right of way. i cannot wait to see the others!!!


I go my first 3 cards today, they really are great! I totally forgot the fact that I would be recieving cards from other people! =P
Can't wait to see them all posted.


i already got two! whippeee!!!! if you send me your address i'll mail one out to you (i'm sending them out tomorrow--yikes!). procrastinators of the world unite! :)


oh this swap has been so much fun! i hope there will be others. :D


myra, i have extras! i can send to u! do you still have my email add? send me yr add to my email


well, im a little sad because im about to send my cards but my camera broke, and i cant take pictures of them :(... i cant belive this happend. i dont know what else to do, so im just going to send them.
if anyone gets a card from me and i nice enough to take a picture for me, i will really apreciate it.

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