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Miss Fae

I have been wanting a gocco for YEARS!

I would love to join the postcard swap. Letterpress postcards here we come. Can the 10 postcards be identical? Setting up 10 different forms would be a bit trying.


Yes, all 10 can be identical if you want, its up to you.


I'm a lurking rader of your blog but I'd love to be involved in a swap~!


Yes! I would love to be a part of this - it would get me to use the light table I just made for silkscreening which is threatned to sit in the corner as well and collect dust for a while.


Hi, Thanks for your comments! I have been reading your blog too! I would love to be part of this swap. I was given a print gocco for my 12th Birthday (15 years ago). I still have it but haven't used it in years, even though I desperately want to, because I don't know where to buy new bulbs here in Australia. I am going to find out this week!!!


count me in! i am obessing over getting my hands on a gocco too, im thinking for my birthday. until then i just keep borrowing the one at the store, thank goodness!!

ps. have you seen the tutorial i posted for gocco on craftsquad? its under discussing paper.


lucky! i'm so envious of all you gocco owners/users--i've been eye-ing it for some time too.

i'd like to jump on this bus if if it's a go! ohhh, i'm so excited, my first potential swap :)


I'd love to participate, as well! Sounds like fun!


I don't have time to participate, but I do love my print gocco!!! Once you've overcome the first attempt, you'll realize how easy it is to use. I've found that it's better for fine printing although with hand-drawn things make sure you make very solid, heavy lines. Good luck!

benita Studman

Hi Myra

It would be nice to send postcards with pix of crafty things I've made :)) I must get a blog up and running though!!!


Benita, mid-Wales, UK


am i too late? can i play? i've just started reading your blog. it's so fun to see your beautiful crafts. ^_^


I would love to join!
I have a print Gocco too, but I don't use it a lot because I don't know how to clean the plates so that I can reuse them at a later date.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


I love snail mail too! And postcards. And swaps. This is soundling like an excellent idea the more I think of it! I'm in :)

little things

I love, love, love snail mail. Please count me in!


hello, i love your blog, if im not too late i would love to swap with you, i have a print gocco, and the same thing happend to me, i didnt use it for a long time after i bought it, i was afraid of messing it up or something, but now i love it, its fun you'll see.please swap with me!
heres my emails



Another lurker, asking if I can still join. I would love to be in on this if there is still space for me. I too have print gocco lust right now, but I spend too much on craft supplies right now as it is.



I'd love to join!


Please add me to the swap list if you haven't run out of room yet! I would be thrilled to exchange postcards, and they're such a manageable size to work within. What a great idea!
I just discovered yours and all the other wonderful crafty blogs out there and will be updating mine with my own works-in-progress soon. I'm inspired!

amy k.

count me in for sure-great idea!


ooh! i am so into the idea!!
count me in if you can.

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